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Excellence is neutral territory – where all of us can meet for discussion – for understanding one another, nothing compares to meeting face-to-face.

We sponsor symposia to build new mental health protocols, treatment strategies and a new standard of care focused on long-term recovery. We help other groups come together in a spirit of neutrality by providing event planning and fiscal agency services. Rising above the politicization of issues ensures that our philanthropists are effective in helping the mental health care community move towards viable solutions.

Live Webinar

“Open Dialogue – A Recovery-Oriented Approach to Early Episode Psychosis”,  March 8
Cost: $20

The Collaborative Pathway program uses a person-centered model of psychiatric care that works to amplify and honor the voice and perspective of the person in crisis, engages them with their family and networks of community support, and optimizes shared decision-making in crafting a path of care.Results in Tornio, Finland, where this approach was developed and where the whole system of care is organized using these principles, indicate that over 80 percent of those treated with this approach return to work or school and over 75 percent show no residual signs of psychosis.The webinar will be limited to 200 participants, who will be able to earn 1.5 CEUs.

Live participation is now maxed out. A recording of the presentation will be available for purchase after the event at



Public Lecture: Dr. Lloyd Sederer, MD

“Improving Mental (and Physical) Health: Four Secrets in Plain Sight”,  March 15, Wilsonville, OR
Cost: Free

The lecture will be held at the Clackamas Community College Training Center, 29353 Town Center Loop East, Room 112, at 7:30p.m.

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An Afternoon with Jacqui Dillon and Friends

What can we learn from people who hear voices? With Gail Hornstein, Jacqui Dillon, Noel Hunter and Greg Shankland, April 2, New York City
Cost: Free

2017 HV NYC FlyerPlease join us for a lively afternoon exploring how insights from people who have been diagnosed with psychiatric illnesses are raising fundamental questions about mental health, community and the human experience.




An Evening with Jacqui Dillon and Friends

What can we learn from people who hear voices? A panel discussion with Gail Hornstein, Jacqui Dillon, Gina Nikkel, Caroline White and Marty Hadge, April 5, Decatur, GA
Cost: Free

Please join us for a lively panel discussion exploring how insights from people who have been diagnosed with psychiatric illnesses are raising fundamental questions about mental health, community and the human experience.

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Families Healing Together Online Education & Support

Recovering Our Families Class begins March 15.
Cost: $249

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This fully facilitated, interactive 8-week course helps individuals and families transform and heal from the emotional distress associated with trauma and challenges that may be associated with diagnoses such as schizophrenia, major depression, bipolar, anxiety and other disorders.

Family recovery education and support have been shown to dramatically improve the quality of life for all family members—those in active distress and the family as a whole. In fact, family education and support can reduce relapse and re-hospitalization rates by as much as 75 percent, according to studies compiled by the Office of Mental Health Research and Training at the University of Kansas.

Families Healing Together is a partnership between Family Outreach and Response and Practice Recovery.


International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research 2017 Conference

Bethesda, Maryland, July 30-August 2.

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ISNPR 2017 will be the first major international meeting for ISNPR and is timed to abut the American Psychological Association Conference in Washington, DC. ISNPR 2017 will reflect the broad spectrum of research, from the sub-cellular to translation and implementation science. The program will cater to the interests of researchers and clinicians from the fields of psychiatry and psychology, as well as public health, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, dietetics and integrative medicine. There will also be a strong focus on basic science and the biological processes and factors that underpin the links between diet, nutrition and mental health, including the microbe-gut-brain axis, immunological and metabolic processes and molecular science. A full day of workshops will be offered, led by leading clinicians and academics from Columbia University, Harvard and The University of Melbourne.

Symposium submissions are welcome until Friday, March 3.

Emotional CPR Training

eCPR is a public health educational program designed to teach people to assist others through an emotional crisis by three simple steps: Connecting, Empowering and Revitalizing. Through a combination of presentations, interactive discussions and dynamic practice exercises with reflecting teams, participants will learn about and practice the key concepts involved in effectively supporting a person through an emotional crisis and into healing.

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New Online Continuing Education Courses

Antidepressants & Pregnancy: The risks and potential harm to normal fetal development (1.5 CME/CEU)

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Cost: $40

According to recent data, roughly ten percent of pregnant women take an antidepressant. Numerous research studies have shown that antidepressants cross the placenta. What effect does this chemical exposure have on the developing fetus?

In this course, Dr. Adam Urato, a practicing OB-GYN at Tufts University School of Medicine, reviews what science has to say about that question. He details the role that serotonin plays in normal fetal development, and reviews the extensive literature, from both animal studies and human studies, that warns of potential harm to the fetus and newborn child from exposure to a drug that disrupts normal serotonin function. Dr. Urato also discusses the financial conflicts of interest that have led to a societal failure to warn pregnant women of this risk.

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