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June 1, 2020 by

Children of the Cure

Missing Data, Lost Lives, and Antidepressants

Samizdat Health Writer’s Co-operative Inc., has just published Children of the Cure – the story of Study 329, the most famous clinical trial in medicine.

Study 329 was a clinical study that began in 1994 giving a new antidepressant to teenagers. It led to a fraud charge, a $3 billion fine, and a Black Box Warning. Despite now knowing that all trials of antidepressants done in children are negative, sales of these drugs to children and adolescents continue to increase dramatically.

Study 329 was ghost-written, as are all trials of all drugs you might take. The data on what happened to the teenagers in this trial are inaccessible, as are the data from all trials of all drugs you might take. Children of the Cure tells the story of the only pharma company trial where independent researchers have had access to the data and the struggle to publish their findings-a struggle in which medical journals were as difficult as Big Pharma.

Children of the Cure tells the story of the only Medical Study that has two publications in the academic literature-telling precisely the opposite story-and how no one is bothered by this.

This book is written by three members of the team – David Healy, Joanna Le Noury and Julie Wood – who have been behind writing the study and creating the Study 329 website that hosts a set of documents pharmaceutical companies never expected you would get to see.

If any of this strikes a cord – either for or against – Samizdat would welcome any reviews or comments and will host anything you send.
It would be wonderful if you could buy a copy and another copy for your doctor, politician, or someone else who you think needs to know what happened.

By demonstrating that we cannot depend on the information we get from pharmaceutical companies or medical journals, Study 329 provides the basis for

You can buy the book In paperback or Kindle at
Children of the Cure
Children of the Cure: Missing Data, Lost Lives and Antidepressants.
David Healy, Joanna Le Noury and Julie Wood
Samizdat-Health, Toronto, Ontario. pp 279, $16.95.

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