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September 11, 2019 by

Understanding Voices

A new website for voice-hearers, their families and health professionals



For the last two years, Hearing the Voice has been working with members of the voice-hearing community to develop Understanding Voices – a new website that helps people find clear, balanced and comprehensive information about voice-hearing.

After two years of collaboration and consultation, we are delighted to announce that Understanding Voices is now online.

Covering a wide variety of topics, ranging from what it is like to hear voices and what’s happening in the brain, through to the pros and cons of medication, cognitive behavioural therapy and peer support, the website is an essential resource for anyone with an interest in voice-hearing. It explores practical techniques for managing distressing voices, information for families and friends, and also sheds light on the links between voice-hearing and inner speech, trauma, creativity and spiritual or religious experience.

Many thanks to the voice-hearers, family members and health professionals who helped make this site what it is.


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