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Excellence is neutral territory – where all of us can meet for discussion – for understanding one another, nothing compares to meeting face-to-face.

We sponsor symposia to build new mental health protocols, treatment strategies and a new standard of care focused on long-term recovery. We help other groups come together in a spirit of neutrality by providing event planning and fiscal agency services. Rising above the politicization of issues ensures that our philanthropists are effective in helping the mental health care community move towards viable solutions.

Hearing Voices Network Panel Discussion at Duquesne U

October 28, Pittsburgh PA

Please join Gail Hornstein, Caroline Mazel-Carlton and Marty Hadge for a lively panel discussion exploring how insights from people who have been diagnosed with psychiatric illnesses are raising fundamental questions about mental health, community and human experience.
The Hearing Voices approach is transforming the lives of people all over the world, allowing them to under-stand and cope with experiences that may long have confused or frightened them. Many have spent years in the psychiatric system yet are still suffering. This approach offers a crucial alternative, allowing the transformational power of relationship to foster a deeper understanding of personal experience. | Learn more

Families Healing Together Online Education & Support

Recovering Our Families Class begins November 15.
Cost: $249

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This fully facilitated, interactive 8-week course helps individuals and families transform and heal from the emotional distress associated with trauma and challenges that may be associated with diagnoses such as schizophrenia, major depression, bipolar, anxiety and other disorders.

Family recovery education and support have been shown to dramatically improve the quality of life for all family members—those in active distress and the family as a whole. In fact, family education and support can reduce relapse and re-hospitalization rates by as much as 75 percent, according to studies compiled by the Office of Mental Health Research and Training at the University of Kansas.

Families Healing Together is a partnership between Family Outreach and Response and Practice Recovery.

Seattle Hearing Voices Group Facilitation Training

December 3-5, 2018
Cost: $400 ($325 Early bird rate ends 10/31)


In this 3-day training, voice hearers and people who experience other unusual or extreme states of consciousness come together with people who have not had these experiences. The result is a powerful, diversified environment for learning. Peers, professionals, supporters and allies are welcomed.

This training (presented by John Herold and Cindy Olejar) will give you the skills and knowledge to start, facilitate and maintain Hearing Voices groups, which are peer-led places to share and explore unusual experiences in a nonjudgmental atmosphere. Such states of mind are sometimes labeled psychosis, but HVN embraces a much wider view of human possibility, one that does not assume illness.




Open Dialogue Foundation Training, Tacoma WA

Commencing February 2019. 
Cost: $4,000 per person (or four installments of $1,100)

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At the Center for Dialog & Resolution, Tacoma, Washington for mental health teams, independent practitioners and peers

This programme has been developed over the past 8 years, and is now the most widely used Open Dialogue foundation training internationally. It was originally developed by Volkmar Aderhold and others, based on extensive clinical experience and several visits to study the Open Dialogue service in Western Lapland. It has been refined over the years, based on the experience of what has seemed most effective, having been run extensively in Germany, and also in Switzerland, the US, the UK and Australia. It provides a thorough grounding in the practice of facilitating Open Dialogue network meetings.

This course has been at the heart of the development of the Parachute Project in New York City, along with Intentional Peer Support training programmes. Clinicians and peers working in mobile crisis teams and respite centres across four of New York’s boroughs undertook the training, led by Volkmar and Petra Hohn, as part of a systematic redevelopment of community mental health services in the city.

It has been run twice in the UK, including teams from several NHS Trusts, as well as those working in public services internationally, independent practitioners and peers. It was also the training chosen for the Queensland Peer Supported Open Dialogue project.

The training in Tacoma will be led by Nick Putman, founder of Open Dialogue UK, with Mia Kurtti and Anni Haase from the Open Dialogue service in Western Lapland, along with Alita Markus and additional Open Dialogue trainers. 4 trainers will be present on every day of the programme, to facilitate small groups, and enhance the quality of the training experience.

This a unique opportunity to learn from those who are involved in the development of the Open Dialogue approach in several international locations.


Online Continuing Education CoursesMIACE-logo

Mad in America Continuing Education believes that the current drug-based paradigm of care has failed our society, and that scientific research, as well as the lived experience of those who have been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder, points to the need for profound change. Its courses are integral to promoting such change. They are taught by leading researchers and practitioners in the field, provide a scientific critique of the existing paradigm of care, and tell of alternative approaches that could serve as the foundation for a new paradigm, one that de-emphasizes the use of psychiatric medications, particularly over the long-term.

Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal II: The Psychiatrist’s Perspective on Challenges, Opportunities, and Shared Decision Making

This second series of on-line continuing education presentations informs participants of what we know about withdrawing from psychiatric medications. This set of 8 monthly webinars focuses on the views of internationally recognized psychiatrists and began on June 19 with a town hall session hosted by Robert Whitaker and a panel including a person with lived experience in withdrawing, a psychiatrist, and a family doctor.

Times for the webinars are 1:30-3 PM Eastern US; 10:30 AM-Noon Pacific. (The two exceptions are for the December and January webinars.) Webinars are posted immediately after the “live” events and will be available for viewing by all registered students for at least one year afterward.

The fee for individuals is $100 for the eight-webinar course.

A limited number of full and partial scholarships for peers and non-professionals are available. Click here to apply for a scholarship.

Organizational Fee: Organizations may purchase registrations for up to 25 students at a discounted price.

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