Open Excellence is the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care. We are excited to announce the launch of our redesigned website and new look. Come check it out, and join us as we work to bring excellence to the practice of mental health care.

Ways To Give

How to use your funds

About making disbursements

As a fund advisor, you have the authority to make payments for expenses in accordance with its charitable purpose. The following IRS regulations govern these disbursements.

To make a disbursement from your fund, we must receive a written request signed by those authorized in the fund agreement to request disbursements.

Request disbursement online
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  • Requests for reimbursements for a product or service must be submitted with a paid receipt.
  • Requests for payment to a vendor must be accompanied by vendor invoices. Please instruct vendors to mail the invoice to you so that you can complete the required disbursement form. This will insure prompt payment. Payments to vendors made by Excellence are not subject to sales tax.
  • As required by tax law, all payments to individuals or unincorporated organizations (sole proprietors, partnerships, or DBAs) must be accompanied by a signed Form W-9. If applicable, Excellence will issue a Form 1099 at year end. A $20 processing fee will be charged to the fund for each 1099.

About fundraising

Fundraisers are an important way for you to raise the assets of your fund and increase its power to do good things. If you are planning a fundraiser, inform Excellence at least 60 days in advance. We want to help you get the most out of these events and help you follow important state, local and IRS regulations.

  • Your fund must provide written proof of insurance liability coverage listing Excellence as an additional insured.
  • No leases or contracts may be established without the approval of the Foundation.
  • Check with your municipality if you are planning a walk, run or bike ride.
  • Check for state or local regulations regarding gaming, sales tax permits or one-day liquor licenses.
  • Provide a fair market value for auction or raffle items.

We can help you spread the word about your event through our enewsletter, Facebook, Twitter and online press room. Please email event details to Jessica van Diepen at

Because Excellence carries the 501c3 nonprofit status for your fund, it is important that the Foundation’s name is associated with your fund. When using your fund’s name in press or promotional materials, use this language: [name of your fund], a fund of the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care.

About publicizing your fund

We are happy to help you publicize your fund when you are fundraising or at any time. Your success is our success!

  • Be sure to acknowledge your association with Excellence in all press releases, websites, social media, e-communications, event invitations and printed materials, including a website link whenever possible.
  •  An appropriate logo and boilerplate text is available. These are for use in press releases, flyers, posters, event programs and other promotional materials. Contact Jessica van Diepen at for artwork and language.
  •  If your fund or event has its own website, we can help you link to the website donation page at Excellence. We are also happy to link to your fund’s website.

About support as a fiscal agent

We can act as your fiscal agent for fundraising. Call Gina Nikkel to discuss fiscal agency arrangements or email

About accepting donations to your fund

We will gladly help you with any donations made to your fund. We can help you link to our donation page, process checks or other payments, manage pledges and provide acknowledgements. Please call Gina Nikkel about these and similar arrangements, 503.930.0349

Compare Your Options

We provide options you won’t find elsewhere: staff support and financial oversight for improving mental health care anywhere in the world through donor-advised funds that give you flexibility, influence and involvement. Our mental health focus and international scope are unique.

Regional/Local Community Foundations
Most have donor-advised funds for local use only and limited help in targeting mental health care.

Private Foundations
To create a private foundation requires substantial assets and a dedicated administrative infrastructure.

Commercial Charitable Gift Funds
Available through banks and investment companies, comparatively less flexible.

Administrative Fees
The fees you pay help us work together to change mental health care. For a complete description, click here.

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The Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care is a registered 501(c)(3) charity.
Donations to any of our funds are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Tax ID: 27-4682873. A copy of our latest 990 may be obtained here.

Or by writing to the Oregon Department of Justice, Charitable Activities Section,
1162 Court Street NE
Salem, Oregon 97301-4096