Open Excellence is the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care. We are excited to announce the launch of our redesigned website and new look. Come check it out, and join us as we work to bring excellence to the practice of mental health care.

Ways To Give

What those who know say about Excellence, why they support Excellence, and why it matters to the future.

Our donors are a geographically and professionally diverse group and they share a dedication to transforming mental health care to one of hope, healing and recovery.

They are financiers, professors and business leaders. They are MDs, psychiatrists, psychologists, clinicians. Many have lived experience or family experience.

Among them are some of the world’s clearest and strongest voices, some of the world’s smartest researchers and some of the world’s most innovative program developers.

Here are their stories and here, too, we hope someday to share your story as well.

Compare Excellence

We make it easy to do more with your contribution.

Excellence Donor-Advised Funds
A donor-advised fund allows you flexibility, influence and involvement

Private Foundations
Private foundations require substantial assets and a dedicated administrative infrastructure

Commercial Charitable Gift Funds
Available through banks and investment companies, comparatively less flexible

What part will you play?

Contact us if you wish to establish a fund or contribute to one. In doing so, you will join our group of forward thinkers – donors, who like you, are changing the way the world sees mental health care.