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National Dialogue events are taking place all over the country this fall and winter.

It’s time we talked!

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden launched a national conversation to increase understanding and awareness of mental health at their National Conference on Mental Health on June 3.

In support of this effort, a number of deliberative democracy organizations are joining together to engage citizens through Creating Community Solutions, a series of events around the country that will focus dialogue and action on mental health issues.

Local and online meetings

Thousands of Americans are coming together, both in-person and online, to learn about and make progress on one of the most misunderstood public issues we face today. We’ll come together at large forums, in small-group discussions, in city-wide deliberations, and online at The Civic Commons.

The Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care is the designated fiscal agent for raising private tax-deductible support for some of these conversations. Donations will pay for facilitation and follow-up action planning.

Please Note: These discussions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any condition or illness. Those needing professional medical advice should visit

Upcoming National Dialogue Events

Find one near you.