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May 12, 2014 by Emma Bragdon, PhD

9 Psychiatrists Transforming Psychiatry: When Pscyh Meds Are No Longer #1

Profile of head with jigsaw pieces missingIntegrative Mental Health for You,,  is launching an uplifting 3 week, online course with pioneering psychiatrists who are changing the way psychiatry is being practiced.

This introduces consumers to the full range of options available for effective mental healthcare.  The course will be especially meaningful for anyone wanting to avoid the risks and side-effects from taking psychiatric drugs; but it can also open many doors for healthcare providers wanting to be more aware of the resources of “integrative psychiatry”.

We have 4 unique video interviews with prominent integrative psychiatrists: Alice Lee, Mary Ackerley, Eric Leskowitz and Judith Pentz.  They speak about the ways they combine their conventional training (from top medical schools) with complementary protocols like detoxification, withdrawal from drugs, nurturing brain function with micronutrients, energy work, and improved lifestyle choices.

In addition, students hear from influential MDs and psychiatrists who are leading us to a more effective, humane way of overcoming the causes of mental health problems (including the epidemics of ADHD and Autism): Drs Peter Gotzche, Allen Frances, Peter Breggin, Gabor Mate, Scott Shannon, Mark Hyman, Roger Walsh, David Healy, James Greenblatt, Dietrich Klinghardt, and Loren Mosher.

This is a 3-week online course, May 27 – June 12, 2014,  but students are free to review all the modules for 90 days at their own convenience.  Activities involve watching videos, reading a bit, discussing with facilitator and other students.  Continuing Education Units are available for healthcare providers. Early bird registration is now thru May 20.  More info:

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