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December 5, 2018 by Eve Mundy, Voice Collective at Mind in Camden

Peer Support for Children & Young People who Hear Voices

Hearing voices is a common experience, yet it’s one that’s seldom talked about.

Although the latest stats have shown that up to 12% of young people hear things, see things or sense things that other people don’t, they tell us that the misinformation, fear and stigma surrounding these experiences makes it incredibly difficult for them to share what’s going on and to seek support if they’re struggling.

That’s where we aim to help.

About Voice Collective
We launched the Voice Collective service in 2009, with the aim of building capacity within existing programs to enhance their support for children and young people who hear voices, see visions or have other unusual sensory experiences, paranoia or unusual beliefs or multiplicity.

Although many children and young people who have these experiences aren’t distressed by them, others describe a combination of positive, negative and neutral experiences. Some young people can find their voices or visions overwhelming, confusing, frightening or upsetting, and some struggle with feelings of powerlessness, worthlessness or hopelessness. They may be self-harming, feeling suicidal or have attempted to end their lives.

We support children and young people in distress by normalising what they’re going through, reducing isolation and stigma and increasing coping skills, self-esteem and their capacity to live lives that they’ll love.

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