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January 29, 2015 by Beatrice Birch

The Inner Fire Story

Beatrice Birch

Inner Fire Co-Founder Beatrice Birch

The catalyst for Inner Fire was a thirty-eight year old man named Zach, who while struggling with mental health challenges, tragically took his own life.  Zach did not know he had a choice to recover free from the harmful and stultifying side effects of psychotropic medications. Instead of connecting with his inner fire using holistic therapies, Zach chose to end his suffering amidst a fog of pain. Zach is but one of a multitude who gave up hope because he experienced no progress toward healing and no other choice for recovery was evident.

While working together at a treatment center in Vermont serving adults with serious psychiatric and addictive challenges, Beatrice Birch, a Hauschka Artistic Therapist and Jim Taggart, then Executive Director of the center, were distressed by the limited and often counter-productive treatment options for people like Zach. From Beatrice’s thirty years combined experience working in anthroposophical (complimentary) medical and therapeutic clinics in both the UK and Holland and her private practice in the USA, she knew  there were options for those who wanted to be proactive in their recovery process without using psychotropic medication.

Many residents with whom Beatrice and Jim worked were resistant to taking their medications and detested the way the drugs made them feel. Typically, the medication confused their thought processes, disconnected them from their feelings, and sapped them of their willpower. Beatrice and Jim also experienced the tragedy of untimely deaths of individuals due to medical complications associated with long term neuroleptic use. They recognized that traumatic, biographical experiences left deep impressions on the soul and that the addictive medications, which dull the symptoms, serve simply to avoid the real work of dealing with the effects of the trauma. In addition, the medications not only confused the issue at hand through their side effects, but caused additional trauma by the difficult process of withdrawal. The majority of individuals they knew were unable to achieve genuine social integration or to generate income and were dependent on disability checks.

There is a growing body of research in the U.S. and abroad regarding the harmful effects of the ever-increasing reliance on psychotropic drugs to treat psychiatric disorders.  Meetings and discussions with other professionals confronting many of these same issues reaffirmed Beatrice and Jim’s commitment to offering a choice to those seeking a proactive engagement in their healing process.


There is a purpose to every season

Inner Fire, Inc. is a unique, intentional program based on Beatrice’s years of applied experience. Its name exemplifies the reality that only by rekindling and claiming our inner fire can balance and deep healing occur. The yearlong program will facilitate a comprehensive, healing process by offering empowering opportunities through proactive solo and group therapies, a customized work program, a wholesome diet and nurturing, cultural experiences which together with peer support will help rebalance and bring harmony to the distressed soul.

In 2012, Tom Kavet, an economist and public policy expert with healthcare experience, joined with Beatrice and Jim to serve on the initial Board of Directors and further develop the conceptual framework, budget and funding.  They have purchased a beautiful property in Brookline, Vermont which will be the home for Inner Fire, an independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit entity.

Our Values
Beatrice, Jim and Tom are committed to beliefs and values that will guide Inner Fire. The primary belief that human beings are creators rather than victims is foundational. stayinthemomentBecause of this reality, individual proactivity is essential. Such proactivity leads to a sense of empowerment, which in turn will lead to a renewed enthusiasm for life. From this stems the recognition of the therapeutic value of physical, outdoor, communal work, as well as individual and group therapies which would encourage soul/spiritual growth and a reverence for life. Inner Fire values beauty, as reflected in the buildings and grounds, which in turn feeds the soul, and an organic and balanced diet, which feeds the body. An experienced and dedicated, professional staff who are committed to facilitating the healing process through respectful, holistic, high quality care for the participants is essential. All staff are committed to developing insights and learning through their research and observation and to sharing their experiences. Finally, the Board believes that support in one’s healing process should be a right rather than a privilege and that, therefore, Inner Fire needs to be available to individuals regardless of their financial status.

Our Residents
Individuals from the age of eighteen, who want to be proactively engaged in their recovery without the use of psychotropic medications, are encouraged to apply to Inner Fire. This includes those experiencing a first time “break” as well as those who desire assistance in coming off their medications. Inner Fire will be available to as many individuals as possible, regardless of their financial situation and will be a place where people of all races, cultures and religious beliefs can meet and support each other in their deepest humanity, as they strive together for a depth of inner healing and balance.

InnerFire_groupThe Program
During the mornings, individuals will be part of an intentional work program in the gardens, woods, kitchen or household. Two afternoons a week they will engage in creative and supportive group sessions, including HVN (hearing voices network) and other peer run initiatives; the other three afternoons will be in an appropriate personal therapy such as artistic, music, eurythmy, spatial dynamics, massage, holistic nursing or biographical counseling. Our experienced staff, therapists, homeopath and anthroposophical medical doctor,  and psychiatrist will pool their expertise during weekly meetings focusing on each individual’s progress. Evenings and weekends will consist of planned social fiber-building activities and creative, cultural events aimed at nourishing the soul.

Apprenticeship Program
Toward the completion of an individual’s year, the option of receiving help in finding meaningful employment opportunities or to apprentice with a local crafts or tradesperson will be offered. The individual may also maintain a connection with his mentor at Inner Fire who will continue to support the inner growth – which comes naturally with a dynamic life.

Our Challenge
Achieving the Inner Fire’s mission requires significant resource development. The challenge is developing a sustainable, economic foundation and construct that can deliver superior service and results.

Therefore, the economic plan supporting Inner Fire will be characterized by diversification and growth. The diversification includes an initial funding model based on a combination of private fees, government funding sources, insurance, individual and business donations, grants and volunteerism. To begin this work, Inner Fire will need the generous support of private donors and foundations. Fundraising will be instrumental for both start-up expenses and creating the Inner Fire Endowment.

A tax-deductible donation can be given here

The full evolution of the Inner Fire model, however, aims to fund all operations from a robust endowment, allowing program participation based solely on need, with donations by participants encouraged to advance and spread the development of this treatment option to other locations in the United States and beyond.

With the generous support of families, professionals, advocates and friends we are committed to both the hard work and exciting prospect of building a residential community that honors our humanity and seeks recovery beyond medications. This initiative will save and change lives by offering an extraordinary program that recognizes the creative power of the inner fire of individuals daring to claim and transform the pain which has led to addiction and mental health challenges.

For more information, please contact: or visit our website at:

4 thoughts on “The Inner Fire Story

  1. John Lange says:

    Are you up & running yet? If so, I, my wife and son would like to come for a visit. Thanks. John

    1. Hello John,
      Best is to phone me: 802-221-8051.
      Day Program with options are under way. More details via phone.

  2. I was delighted to find your organization. I have personal/ parental/ and provider experience with the mental health system. I am an M.D. with 20 years experience “inside conventional medicine” (as a family practitioner) and 10 years “outside”. Since 2007, I have been actively involved with peer-led advocacy for mental health issues, and with the international Intentional Peer Support movement. For the past two and a half years, I have worked as a peer advocate with The Western Massachusetts Recovery Learning Community, in our respite house, Afiya:

    I live in Dummerston, Vermont. This Fall, I intend to return to a graduate level program to “re-skill” (specifically, to hone my knowledge in drug rehab/ recovery and mental health recovery using holistic therapies rather than legally prescribed pharmaceuticals). I am looking at a master’s program through Union Institute in Brattleboro that fits this description.

    I would love to be in touch. I have your phone # and will call, later this week.

  3. Sheva says:

    Happy New Year Beatrice
    My name is Sheva.
    Just before Christmas I sent an email asking for help ref applying for a place for my son Raphael to spent a year at Inner Fire. If you’re willing to take him I will ask Angouhus Gordon [Ruskin Mill Nailsworth/ Glass House Stoubridge et cetera ] to sponsor his place for the year.
    TEL 0121 523 4951
    Many Thanks


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