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October 6, 2014 by Fran Silvestri, MBA

Meet the Board: Chair Fran Silvestri, MBA

When I was asked to join the board, the potential impact of The Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care to radically improve how we support people in distress was easy to see.  EXCELLENCE is unique both in the U.S. and globally. Even  now, we are germinating the next generation of supports and system improvement that will allow all people in distress to manage their lives, enjoy their families and friends and be included in all community and social networks where we work and play.

There are myriad, time-consuming debates about what isn’t working. While important to consider, my sights are set on doing what can we to better support people, their families and communities now and in the near future. This requires bold investment of time, money and political capital to correct the course of our scientific research and clinical treatment of mental distress, so the supports we offer go beyond symptom management to real wellness.

What convinced me to accept the leadership of the board this past March is the exciting opportunity it affords to link social entrepreneurs to the innovations that will increase the people’s ability to thrive.

There is untapped passion alight in the hearts of millions across the globe who daily walk beside family and friends experiencing emotional distress, those who know firsthand the pressing need for better options to help people through their mental health challenges. As community leaders, we recognize that we cannot afford the high human and financial cost of our current methods. The time has come and the need is urgent.

Every day, we are coalescing a broader and deeper community of researchers and clinicians who are asking the right questions to effect the change we need. And every day we make new friends who wish to donate funds wisely to reach the answers to those questions.

Our community foundation approach links these two groups together. We connect donors large and small to leaders, researchers and innovators whose partnerships are transforming our shared vision for the future into a reality. With a variety of giving options to choose from, our donors can have hands-on involvement in their area of interest or simply speed along the great efforts already underway.

We are an international community and what excites me is that together we can quickly spread the word about the best ideas wherever they occur around the world.

One thought on “Meet the Board: Chair Fran Silvestri, MBA

  1. Bradford Hutchinson says:

    Fran Silvestri? I thought he crawled off under a rock, and died, or otherwise put himself out of OUR MISERY. I’ve been a surviving VICTIM of “Monadnock Family (and Mental Health) Services” for over 3 decades, now. But, unlike Cheryl Castor, Troy Postlethwaite, Donna Barden, Mary Manning, Nancy Byam, Rob Roby, etc., I didn’t DIE. recently, MFS staff LIED, and a vulnerable trauma victim was literally kidnapped, forced into a holding cell for 4 days, then transported in handcuffs and shackles 60 miles by a Sheriff’s Deputy, then sent home in a TAXI 3 days later. The whole “community mental health” system is part of a global-scale drug racket, and, along with the pseudo-science lies of biopsychiatry, has done, and continues to do, far more harm than the occasional, accidental good that it does do. Yes, Fran, you’ll remember my name…. Seen Raasoch, or Bonacchi, or Siouffey, lately….????…. God Bless America, and god damn the lies of the drug racket pseudoscience of biopsychiatry….YOU PEOPLE are only in it for the $$$, and the power and control over vulnerable trauma victims….

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